pick up a fight.

riding my bike to the bank, i looked over my shoulder to see if there were any cars pulling up behind me. there was one, and a kid riding his skateboard. i looked back again, surprised that the kid was catching up to me on my bike. he put his hands up, as if to say, "what? you wanna fight?"

you don't wanna fight me, kid.
oh yeah, how come?
'cause i'd kill you, idiot!

yes, i finally received and deposited my generous stimulus package. i find it amusing that our government is just like, well, we don't know how to run our country, so here's $600. as if it's going to help. lewis black calls it "tantamount to a slap in the face."

you pay rent, buy some gas, buy groceries, pay for the car, dental and medical insurance that won't actually cover you when you need it, pay for your high-speed internet and cable, pay for tuition and books, pay to keep the water running and the lights turned on, pay for air-conditioning, pay for that traffic violation and then traffic school, pay your credit card debt, pay for a booklet of stamps, pay for the latest blockbuster film you'll regret seeing shortly thereafter, pay for your magazine subscriptions and your netflix account, pay for your landline even though you have cell phone bills to pay for, pay for that timing belt that needs to be replaced, oh yeah, and an oil change, pay for that present for father's day and then it's somebody's birthday, pay for shoes because your old ones have got holes in them, pay to take the bus because you can't afford your car payments anymore, pay for drinks because the only time your friends want to get together is when alcohol is involved, pay the irs. if you have kids and/or pets, i don't know how you do it.

whatever the case, $600 just ain't gonna cut it.

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ms.meggie said...

i've decided to keep on wearing my holey shoes.