please notify us in writing.

another entry dedicated to the ongoing struggle of finding a state job. who knew how difficult it would be to find such non-difficult work? it wasn't enough that i have a b.a. with two years of volunteer service; it wasn't enough that i have a confirmed typing speed of over 90 words per minute; and it wasn't enough that i scored 100% on their written test. no, none of that was good enough for any of the departments with whom i interviewed. i have attended at least five interviews, and i've been rejected from all of them. i was rejected so much that i had decided to just give up on it. i was destined to return to the world of minimum wage retail work. except, unlike barbara ehrenreich, i wouldn't be making a point.

i allowed myself to become inactive on the list for the office assistant position. if five employers didn't find me suited for making copies, sending coherent emails, and stapling papers together, then fuck it, i wasn't even going to bother. however, my aunt, a state worker, had managed to pull some strings and get me an interview in her department. i went to the interview earlier this week, and the two women seemed impressed with my experience and education. they even said they were 99.9% sure they were going to hire me, but they couldn't make an offer, since i was still inactive on the list. and this is where the frustrating saga continues.

i did exactly as they asked. i wrote to the state personnel board and requested specifically that i would like to be made active again on the office assistant list. the o.a. list. office assistant, did you catch that? that's the list i would like to be on. make me active again. do it. i'm finally on the brink of getting a job. anxious, i called the next day, since carolyn, the interviewer, wanted me to notify her as soon as i received word that i was active on the list again. the woman at spb said, "if you called yesterday, then we probably haven't processed it yet." click. she didn't even bother checking. oh well. i called again the next day. a different woman answered. "we're actually processing them right now, so you should receive your letter tomorrow." okay, so i'd just have to wait another day to receive my actual confirmation in the mail.

today is that day. and yes, the letter did come. but of course, of course, they fucked it up. instead of making me active on the office assistant list, the o fucking a list, which i had specifically requested, they reactivated my status for the staff services analyst position, which is pointless, since my score was a measly 85%, and that doesn't even make me "reachable." they are fucking idiots. they are the george w. bushes who don't even bother to read one sentence memos. they probably read up until the word, "activate" and just decided to throw it away. i bet they didn't even recycle. assholes.

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