will tutor for sushi.

i got my haircut today. i feel it's necessary to do such things before taking a trip. i went to pro-cuts first at eleven o'clock, but there were four people ahead of me, and only two barbers, so i drove home. then i thought about the gas i wasted driving there, even though it wasn't that far away. when you're not working and gas costs $4.57 a gallon, you feel really guilty even if you're just driving down the block. oh well. everyone should probably feel bad for driving anyway. if you use petroleum, you're a murderer. that's a fact.

so, i returned around three-ish. there was no one waiting then. my barber is a white dude, even though today he claimed his parents were "hispanics." so, i guess that makes him hispanic as well. we've talked a couple times now, and each time, he brings up his inability to pass the writing section of the cbest. i told him about how i grade them occasionally for money. i'll do anything for money.

did i tell you that i grade cbests?
no, i don't think you did.
oh. well, yeah. i do. sometimes.
so, what are they looking for?
they just want to see that you can write clearly.
i tell you, man. my writing stinks. at csus, i made a portfolio to pass the w.p.e., 'cause when it came to that timed test, i couldn't do it.
they give you like forty minutes, and i just freeze.
my wife and my sister, they tell me that i should just write like how i talk.
yeah. well, i'd say just to make your writing organized and make sure it's clear. that's all they're looking for.
also, don't worry about facts. you could totally make stuff up, and it doesn't even matter. like if you said richard nixon was president today, you could still pass.
haha. richard nixon's president. sorry, that was funny.

he then told me that he makes good sushi and tempura sauces. he said that his wife is chinese, and they have people over for sushi sometimes. i tried to get him to focus on the cbest again, which he'll be taking tomorrow morning.

so, you're taking the cbest tomorrow, right?
yeah. just the writing. if i finish the writing in time, i'll work on the comprehension section, too.
that's good.
yeah, i was fine with the math. but the reading and the writing part. man, they just kill me.
well, i can give you some tips if you want. just email me a writing sample, and i can tell you how to improve it. that's basically what i did in college. i worked at our writing center.
really? that'd be great. when it comes to writing, i need all the help i can get.
yeah, let me just write down my email.
cool. and if you ever want to come by for sushi, you're welcome to. i don't know if it'd be weird. but sometimes we have a lot of people over. so maybe it won't be so weird.

so i gave my barber my email address along with a one dollar tip, and in the near future, i'll expect a short essay on his favorite food, or what kind of class he would create for a public school and why. in exchange, maybe he'll offer me some good sushi.

sometimes, i think i have a lot to offer this world. it's a shame i rarely find any takers.

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