the female version.

while my cousin browsed the graphic novel section at borders, i found the female version of my blog, but in a much more artful, humorous form. it was way better than that tao lin shit, anwyay.

tomorrow morning, i am leaving for seattle. i don't know what i expect to find there, but obviously, i'm hoping for good things. family made it seem like a big deal, giving me cards and money and taking me out for dinner. talking about good times, as my friend would say.


Naomi said...

Great illustration. Good luck in Seattle! I talked to Adam the other day. He's still there, graduating from UW in Dec, I think.
Nice of the family to give you dinner and money to make off with.

Naomi said...

I'd like to see you try to teach a class on being an asshole. I think the most asshole-ish behavior you could trump up would be making witty and sarcastic comments under your breath or after the fact. Which, admittedly, you're very good at.
When I do have to lose the niceness to get something accomplished I still try not to be an asshole. Usually you can just lay out a logical argument and that either intimidates or impresses the person enough for them to give in to your perfectly reasonable demands.