the second interview.

i went in for my second interview at triangle. i didn't understand the purpose of the second interview. technically, they could have just had the other two interviewers sit in on the first interview, and then i wouldn't have had to cancel my plans of sitting around john's house finishing ghost world. i could've finished it, but jacob jew called me around noon to tell me he had scheduled a lunch meeting with his boss in west seattle, and he informed me that he could no longer take me to my interview, as he had originally planned.

i took the bus, the number 174 to be exact. it was filled to the brim with poor folk from the southside coming up to downtown and the international district. there was one young black woman who kept hollering and laughing at random intervals. i think she made the people around her a little uncomfortable. i stood between a curly haired white boy and a japanese girl. they were friends or lovers or both. quietly, they would point to various destinations on a seattle map and would whisper something to each other. i wanted to ask them where they were going, what they wished to see, but i didn't. i just watched them point at little spots on their map.

i didn't really know where to get off, so i just exited the bus when i heard the driver announce seattle public library. since i was still an hour early, i went to the library and got my library card. i pretended that i lived at meagan's address to earn my library card, even though i probably will never check out any materials. i just didn't want to harass the technician every time i wanted to blog. so now that i have my card, i won't have to bug him.

on the way to my interview, a white girl stuck her hand out and tried to shake mine. "how are you, sir?" she said in a loud, overly friendly voice. she was carrying a binder that had pictures of poor black kids on the cover. "i'm late for an interview," i said, even though i wasn't, and i walked away. she shouted back, "i hope it goes well!" what's with these peppy peet's coffee-loving white girls who want to change the world? i thought that after my interview, i would go up to her and ask what the deal was. i mean, she was carrying a binder with some pretty down-on-their-luck kids, how did she manage to stay so enthusiastic when approaching strangers?

i didn't go try to find her after my interview. i was kind of bummed out. the spark that i had in my initial interview had fizzled over the week. the highlight of the interview was the pre-interview, where vickie, the receptionist, and i chatted about her children. i like just hearing about people's lives and what they do. what made her kid want to go into the navy? how did she feel when he was in the navy? how do people stay heroic, or even just cope, in this violent mess we've found ourselves in?

i wonder if what i'm doing now will be heroic or even memorable. that is, getting dumped out of college in the middle of george w. bush's reign. trying to find work in the middle of what we will later refer to as the second great depression.

who knows.

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claire said...

I know that girl. She's been outside the library every time I've walked by there in the last two weeks. I really wish she wouldn't try and touch me. That makes me angry.