the tentative offer.

i was browsing the vinyl section when my cell phone vibrated. more specifically, i was in world: french: b: bardot, brigitte. there were multiple copies of the recently released picture discs of the 1960's "international sex kitten." "hello, this is sue." the name sounded familiar, but i wasn't sure who was calling me. "how are you?" "i'm fine. how are you?" "good. listen, i wanted to let you know that we really thought you had a great interview, and we'd really like to hire you, but at the time, you're second on the active list." "yeah, that's what i heard." "so, we're asking you to just hold on a little while, and we may be able to offer you a job in the future." "oh, okay." "yeah, we can't offer you anything right now, so consider this a tentative job offer." well, i tentatively accept. "alright. so i should just wait?" "yes, we'll be in touch." "okay, thanks for letting me know." "no problem."

in the state's final showcase of incompetence, they called me to let me know about a tentative job offer. at least they called. most employers don't even do that. most employers don't even pick up the phone to tell me, "we didn't like you. we found someone much more experienced, much more competent than you." i guess i should be happy to have a tentative job offer. but i'm not. "what does that mean?" my dad asked. "it means exactly that. they'd like to hire me, but they're not going to." "that's ridiculous," he said. exactly, dad.


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