turn the other cheek.

ross once told me that "turn the other cheek" was actually a subversive act. basically, when jesus said, "turn the other cheek," he didn't mean to just be submissive, or take it lying down. turning the other cheek would cause your assailant to use his left hand to slap your face, and in that time and place, the left hand was viewed as unclean. therefore, using one's left hand to do anything, especially to strike another person, would make the instigator look even more like a real asshole.

on another note, it's a really nice day in sacramento. i just now found out about autumn sky. i just had to take a listen after she was quoted in the paper saying, "when i first started to write 'rockets!,' it was going to be a song about how much i disliked the local music scene and how tired i was of the same old circuit, which never seemed to change. and worse, (it was) filled with people who never seemed to notice or care."


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Good one i too need one slap