uc davis workers on strike.

my dad and his fellow employees are holding an "illegal" strike this week. the union is demanding a living wage, just a measly $14.90/hr. it's not much, especially considering some custodians and maintenance crew have been there for over twenty, thirty years. my dad has been there nearly ten years now, but he didn't participate in the actual strike. if he chose to picket, he would've made $8.50/hr. i asked if i could take his place. my parents seemed shocked at my request. "no, you can't," they said. i was kind of disappointed that he chose not to participate, since i've read here and there about workers' strikes both past and present. it's an opportunity to show the assholes upstairs that it's not about them. it's a reminder that the slaves run this country, and that this meaningless system of buying and selling cannot properly function without them.

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