finish your collapse and stay for breakfast.

i've declared today casual friday, and by "casual" i mean that i've been casually shopping for a laptop all morning. why not? it's payday, and i'd like to watch the third season of weeds at some point. i went back and forth between dell and hp, and after reading all the negative dell reviews, i finally decided to go with an hp. both websites give the customer a chance to "customize" his/her laptop, and by "customizing" they mean selling you a bunch of extra, unnecessary crap. i didn't spring for anything super fancy; i took the minimalist approach because i'm a minimalist kind of guy. and anyway, i already got burned on a previous used laptop purchase, so i felt guilty spending the extra money.

i have to admit, it is pretty empowering to finally be able to make real purchases. while i can't justify buying a nice new bed and a new laptop, i have to say that i will actually use these things, and that they will bring me some comfort/relief/entertainment at the end of painfully casual workdays. i don't think buying stuff would be so wrong if the manufacturers would stop making an excess of crappy goods. why don't they just make top-of-the-line everything? if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. simple as that. forget about putting it on credit, or taking out loans; it just shouldn't be a possibility. i think people would be a lot happier if more things were simply out of reach.

on the plus side, soon i can blog from home.

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