i've got it on cassette.

most people in this country look down upon overeating, overspending, and pretty much over-anything, but i haven't heard many complaints about oversleeping, so i assume that i'm alright. last night, i slept for ten hours (9:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.), and it was pretty damn great. my dreams, like everyone else's, are much more interesting and creative than our drab realities. for example, i was in this record store, either with the rich bitch or jacob, and i found all these neil young records that i'd never even heard of or seen. i moved from "y" to "r" and then i found a radiohead christmas album. there were small cartoon children on the album cover, and it looked like something disney would've created. i had to hear it, but i didn't want to pay $24.99 for the vinyl.

the record store clerk sensed my urgency to hear what thom yorke would sound like caroling. "i've got in on a cassette," he said, and he played it. it wasn't a traditional christmas song, but the melody was definitely winter wonderland-inspired, complete with chimes, bells, and your typical christmas melody. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. radiohead doing a christmas song? amazing. this happens to me a lot, in my dreams, i mean. i hear these great songs that i've never heard before, and sometimes i even sing or play songs that sound original and awesome. asleep, i have the ability to be a musical genius, but awake, i have nothing.

and then i dreamed that i wasn't just playing super monkey ball punchout, but that i was actually in the ring. we looked like transformers. i realized during the match, though, that someone had left two player on, and was just knocking out the idling second player and racking up points. totally cheating. our gloves weren't big, either, but sometimes they were. we, the transformers, could often pull off the ryu street fighter kick, the kind where you grab the opponent, stick your foot against his stomach, and send him flying off behind you. super monkey ball punchout is a great game.

walking down the hill to the law building, i overheard two men walking behind me. one was a fat older man with a beard, and the other was a twenty-four year old law student. i didn't pay much attention to their conversation until i heard the fat man say, "so, you're like what, let me guess, twenty-three?" "twenty-four." "okay, twenty-four. so, you must get laid a few times, am i right?" "yeah." "then you're fine, that means you're good at bullshitting." they both chuckled their little lawyer chuckles. i didn't hold the door open for them.

i can't believe i have to share the planet with these people.

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