the rip-off.

he didn't return my call last night, when i told him that i'd like to talk to him about the laptop purchase i made. i barely slept, thinking about how i would approach it. i know that there are no real guarantees on craigslist, and it's pretty much assumed all sales are final. still, i wanted to get a hold of him. maybe he was a reasonable man. i called him twice again this morning, and no response. finally, around 1:30 p.m., he picked up. it was difficult to hear him; an ambulance wailed in the background.

"hey. i bought that laptop from you yesterday." "yeah? what's up." "hey, i was wondering if you'd be willing to give me a refund." "why? what's wrong with it?" "it's just not working out for me." he advertised the laptop as an 80gb hard drive; in reality, it was only 30 gb, but since it runs windows vista, it's about 20 gb. for some reason, though, it mysteriously just keeps declining. now it's at 13.9 gb. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, it could very well be utterly obsolete. what the hell kind of a laptop is this? i continued my complaints. "you know, it just wasn't the computer you actually advertised." i heard him thinking for a moment, his juvenile mind searching for an excuse not to help me. "i...i spent the money already." "well, that's really not cool," i said, "because this laptop isn't any good." "give me a call tomorrow," he said. "we'll work something out." yeah. by "work out," i'm sure he means not picking up the phone when he sees me calling.

he ripped me off, and i have to deal with it. still, it doesn't stop me from feeling racist.

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EasilyEntertained said...

Yo man, find out the guy's name and address, I guarantee I can get you the guys money back.