seattle u saves me again.

my future boss called me at the last minute to schedule me an appointment with the dean, so i had to grab whatever clothes i had from my grocery bag. i only had two good shirts and one tie in there. i couldn't wear the green shirt, since i wore that one yesterday to meet the vice-dean, but i definitely couldn't wear the shirt i wore on tuesday to meet everyone. i had to decide. should i wear the green shirt that the receptionist saw me wearing yesterday, or wear the striped shirt everyone saw me wearing on tuesday? i thought there was a chance that the receptionist would remember the green shirt and not the striped shirt, and maybe i would only see her, so maybe the striped shirt would be a better idea.

then again, maybe i could've convinced all of them that i had multiple copies of the same striped shirt, since it's such a nice shirt that maybe, just maybe, i bought more than one. it was reminiscent of the seinfeld episode where jerry meets the woman who continually wears the same outfit. i could've convinced people that i had just ended my wash cycle (in truth, i've washed my clothes once the entire time i've been up here - and it's been, what, seventeen days?) and started in reverse, as per costanza's theory. i decided to go with the striped shirt and brown corduroy pants i had been wearing the past three days, hoping that i wouldn't run into anyone from the original meeting.

the dean, however, insisted our meeting was a mere formality. he was just there to say, "congratulations." so technically, i could've just worn jeans. he then escorted me to katie's going away party, and i was congratulated by everyone who had interviewed me on tuesday. yes, i'm still wearing the same clothes, and no, i haven't washed them yet. i'm sorry. i tried not to sweat, so as not to further spoil my already-worn shirt.

long story short: they offered; i accepted.

'bout time, huh?


Tiffany said...

Having a job better not change the tone of your blog or the frequency with which you update it.

Oh, and congratulations! I am much less scared to come home now!

Jacob Dempsey said...

you fool! you need to watch surfwise again and recheck your philosophy. Tell them you're rejecting their offer. I'll be over in 10 minutes with the RV.

jacob dempsey said...

Forget it fool! I'm gonna stay home and play with my blow up doll. eh, and my tinker toys.

ms.meggie said...

I am writing this with my iPhone. I am a fool!