i don't want your money.

this morning, i told myself i wasn't going to hate living in the united states. then i got screwed over by another corporation. it started last night when i found out that my internet service provider, clearwire, doesn't allow peer-to-peer torrenting. really, who pays for internet without taking advantage of torrents? as it turns out, a bunch of seattle folk are pissed off at this, and they've started their own website, www.clearwiresucks.com. i read from some of these angry posts that clearwire offers a ten (some others said 7) day grace period, so i decided that i would call in the morning and try my luck.

of course it didn't work; hence, this blog entry. after putting me on hold for an hour, and nearly making me miss my bus, the representative handed me over to another representative, who then handed me over to another representative. "i heard that you offer a ten-day grace period," i said. as it turns out, i received my modem on september 2. today is september 11, which makes me four days past my grace period. "so your contract is still valid," the woman told me. "what's the fine for cancelling early?" "$220." "that's fine. just cancel me." but of course, they wouldn't even let me do something as simple as that. she put me on hold, and i had to wait yet again for her supervisor.

the supervisor was named saqueshia or saquella, or sa-something, and she wasn't helpful at all. she asked me what the problem was. i couldn't outright say, "you guys won't let me download torrents," so i told her there was a speed issue. she said that she would like to troubleshoot, and possibly send over a representative if necessary. then, she almost made me want to vomit. "i don't want your money," she said, "i would like to see you get the service you signed up for." you don't want my money? really? so, that's why you won't just waive the early termination fee?

the woman before sa-something told me that if i had requested an extension on my seven-day trial, i could've waived the early termination fee. well, i would've done that, had they even bothered to advertise the seven-day trial somewhere, anywhere, on their goddamn website. so, just to recap, clearwire won't advertise that there's a seven-day trial, then they'll tell customers after-the-fact that they could've called to request an extension on the seven-day trial (which they didn't advertise), then they'll add insult to injury by saying something as stupid as, "i don't want your money."

clearwire, fuck you. you're right up there with ikea.

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