i thought it was thursday.

on the bus yesterday, this big black woman was telling everyone how much she disliked the driver. "sometimes i work overtime, just so i can avoid him!" she said. after our driver hit a bump, she started up again, "he is a defensive driver! and he talks all the time!" i found it amusing that most of the complaints she held against the driver were the same complaints i could've used against her. motherfucker's just trying to do his job, i wanted to say, leave him alone. this woman wouldn't shut up, but nobody else seemed to mind.

over the weekend, i went to john's parents house with john and emily. they had a family get-together for john, since he graduated from art school. john's mom asked him to sit in front of the cake, which read: "persistence pays off." john's dad explained it. "john has had his final portfolio stolen, had his car broken into, how many times?" "three," john said. "and he rode the ferry every morning to poulsbo. persistence does pay off." we applauded. john's mom and emily took pictures of him while he sat in front of his cake.

before the party, emily wanted to buy a banjo, so we went to dusty strings in fremont. dusty strings is probably the greatest music store i've ever been to. the store builds harps, and sells auto-harps, xylophones, acoustic guitars, mandolins, and banjos. i really wanted a harp, but the cheapest one was around $1300. emily bought a gold tone banjo, and said that her dream is to busk at the public market. i want to try busking, too. apparently, you need a license to do it.

this fat man just came into the office. unlike all the other applicants, he was wearing a plaid t-shirt and khakis. he thought his on-campus interview with the law firm was on thursday, but it was actually this morning, and he was half an hour late. the interviewer still called him into the room, even though i'm pretty sure he's not going to get the job. i don't know why the interviewer still called him in. he's late, and he's not dressed for the part, so he's obviously not going to get it. why waste his time any further? it's just how our society functions, i guess, built on false common courtesy.

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