not interesting enough for full paragraphs.

dreamed i was in france, and saw the plastiscines in a big stadium. then i got lost in a costco type place.

looks as though i'll never get a seat on the bus anymore. too many people breathing, fogging up the windows. lucky i'm not claustrophobic.

started watching dead like me. first episode wasn't so great; still, i'll probably keep watching.

mom called last night, and i gave the usual response: "(he/she/work)'s alright."

realized why i've always liked theology classes better than history. god's stories are much more interesting, what with all the incest, the 760 year-olds, the fire and brimstone. history is nothing more than a bunch of guys with guns, killing each other, trying to compensate for something, all done in the name of god or country, sometimes both.

possible title for an artsy film: freddie macs mae's fannie. tagline: "the economy isn't the only one going down."


ms.meggie said...

"fmmf:" good one.

Tiffany said...

umm I love Dead Like Me!