she looks just like sarah palin.

last night, at john and emily's, we were watching tv, and then all of a sudden, there appeared a woman on screen, who, to me, looked nothing like sarah palin. "she looks just like sarah palin!" john exclaimed. emily sighed. "ahh! every time somebody sees some woman now, they all say, 'she looks like sarah palin!' i'm sick of it!" it occurred to me then why sarah palin was chosen to run for v.p. - not because she's "hot," or because she would scoop up all the hillary votes, but because she looks like "the every woman." these days, anyone with dark, shoulder-length hair and glasses is going to be, no doubt, compared to sarah.

i've always thought about those snl characters, and how they are almost all able to look dead-on like most celebrities and politicians without much makeup (i.e. will ferrell = george bush, darrel hammond = al gore, tina fey = sarah palin). maybe that's how these actors and actresses get on the show, and how these people get elected (or not elected). they're the "everyman," and "everywoman." and anyway, who's spoofing barack obama these days? i doubt it's the fat black kid from keenan and kel. even more reason for the right-wing to rally against our "liberal, biased, left-wing media." anyway, the point is, even though most people think sarah palin is unqualified, ridiculous, and ignorant, the gop has already succeeded. her name is out there, and that's all that matters. i don't know who joe biden is, and more importantly, i don't know what he looks like. i'm not about to do a google image search on him, either.

the republicans know exactly what they're doing, and the democrats are forced to put up this "fight," if only for the mere sake of proving to everyone that yes, we do still live in a democracy; if, by living in a democracy, one means only being able to choose between pepsi and pepsi clear. on friday night, i met meagan at 15th video, and we watched a little bit of the debates. it was nice to see the 15th video clerks huddled around the registers, watching the only flat-screen in the store. they made little biting, sarcastic remarks every time mccain spoke, and it was evident who all of them were voting for. no one made a fuss, though, when obama said that he would increase troops in afghanistan, or when he used language like, "we need to kill bin laden."

it didn't sit right with me, but i understood why he said it. he's forced to give the people what they want - a candidate tough on terror, a president who isn't afraid to just kill a man. this clearly wasn't the same candidate who started his campaign focusing on diplomacy, saying he would like to sit down and talk with dictators and other leaders of "menacing" countries. i told this to john and emily. they agreed that it was strange to hear him talk this way. "yeah," john said, "it didn't sound like something he would say. it would be like if i started talking ghetto, like, 'yo, wassup gangsta.'" emily looked at him. "yeah, great analogy," she said. "shut up," he said.

this morning, i told the same thing to my mom. she said that she didn't like that obama said that, but she'll still vote for him because, well, what other choice does she have? my dad won't vote for obama because "then the black people will get too yabang (cocky, uppity)." both my aunts are going with mccain because they like being underpaid, oppressed minorities, i guess. nobody asks me who i'm going to vote for, which i kind of like. maybe i come across as someone who's truly uninformed, or else someone who looks like he's tired of playing this stupid game we have to play every four years, where the g.o.p. is like our big white uncle who pulls the magic quarter out of our ears - the only difference being that, in the end, he doesn't actually give us the quarter - and the democrats who are like the other uncle who says he's got all these great ideas, but then gets too drunk, or else interalizes all the insults and leaves the dinner party early and in shame.

and then i just sit there and wonder what the fuss is all about. i'd rather be at my friend's house; his sweet mom looks like sarah palin. who am i going to vote for? i'd like to vote myself off the show, please.


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