tony meatballs, alive and well.

it looks as though i'm not the only turd left in seattle u's punchbowl. my roommate from freshman and sophomore year, anthony, is apparently still at s.u., working as an assistant coach for the men's soccer team. i checked my facebook inbox, and there was a birthday greeting from him, marked january 4, 2006. feeling bad that i hadn't kept in better touch, i googled him and found his contact page right away. i called him up, and we'll probably carry on our tradition of watching terrible movies and talking about his latest love interest. i hope it's more interesting than the last.

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Tiffany said...

SO AMAZING! ¡Viva Tony Meatballs!

I miss the perpetual look of disgust on your face due to his general stench and way of life. I cannot WAIT to hear about this reunion!