welcome freshmen.

yesterday, i told myself i was going to buy some milk, since i'm out. i could've gone to qfc and taken the bus at 5:26, but i decided i wanted to go home right away, and i took the 5:09 bus instead. i wanted to check out the columbia city farmer's market, and it was a longshot, but i thought they might have sold milk. even though i didn't have cash, and i was fairly certain a farmer's market only takes cash. so, i went. there was no milk. i ate my cereal with water this morning. my mom told me that she had a coworker, gemma, who was too cheap to buy milk or condiments for her kids, so the kids always ate their cereal with milk. when they were lucky enough to go to mcdonald's, her two boys would load up on salt, sugar, ketchup and mustard packets.

i've been putting just about anything and everything on my holds list at the library, since the columbia city library is less than 500 feet away from my house. yesterday, i picked up sarah vowell's book, bring the cannoli, and i read some of it on the bus this morning. she's amazing. i'm glad to finally be reading a funny author who isn't david sedaris, and who doesn't tell the same story over and over like miranda july. i first heard sarah vowell read "shooting dad," the first story in cannoli, on this american life. i didn't think the story was going anywhere at first, but i really liked her voice (she sounds like a character on the simpsons or else kristen schaal), so i listened. the story was great, so now i have to read everything she's ever written. also, she's coming to town hall next month.

so, you know. something to look forward to.

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ultrafknbd said...

For some reason, I just can't do David Sedaris. But I can read (and especially listen to) Sarah Vowell all day long.