all too true.

here's a good beginning for a short story: "the day before halloween, a man at the uw set himself on fire." meagan called me to tell me this yesterday. she didn't know what to do with that, so she called me up to tell me. i didn't know what to do with that, either, so i told everyone in the office about it. "a man set himself on fire at the uw." "was that today?" "yeah." "how awful." people wanted to know, was he protesting something? some monks set themselves on fire once to protest the vietnam war, so obviously, this man should be protesting something too, yeah? maybe he was crazy. maybe he was cold. maybe there was nothing left to burn, and he had to set himself on fire.

i went costume shopping with emily the other night, and as expected, i came up empty-handed. we went to american apparel, then to red light. i could've been a tree for $40. "selections for guys are lame," i said. "and they aren't for girls?" emily said. "you can be a whore or a whore." point taken. i looked at some of the costumes available for girls, and suddenly i wished i had no morals, principles, or even just a general sense of what's good and proper. what's a little objectification? why don't we all just get down and nasty. we are liberals in a liberal town, anyway. it's what's expected of us.

i thought about being dracula, but i couldn't find the right cape. i wanted a costume that i could actually wear on more than one occassion. nothing bothers me more than owning some stupid thing that i can't use for 364 days of the year. girls still have a better deal, i think. because as slutty as the costumes are, they can still use them any other night for roleplaying in the bedroom. sure, this is probably a sexist thing to say, but let's be honest. no one's fucking dracula with his fake, plastic teeth. there's nothing sexy about frankenstein, the werewolf, or freddy and jason.

i have a slight cold, and i had to go running around doing errands this morning. see, there's this training going on at the school today, and everything, as usual, was done last minute. we forgot to make parking arrangements, so i had to find out which car belonged to the speaker, martha. she described her rav 4 in great detail, and when i asked, "what's the license plate number?" she said that it would be "easier" if she just described the car to me and told me where it was located. yes, it was "easier" for her because she obviously couldn't remember her license plate number.

some fools were doing construction work when i came in this morning. i thought it was some sort of halloween prank. but i live in the adult world now, and things like that just don't happen. some staff members decorated the staff lounge, though. there's fake cobwebs in the entrance and assorted snacks on tables with black and orange tablecloths. i've never been put off by this sort of thing. most men might be, but i'm not. life is sometimes so drab and mundane that i actually enjoy it now when people make an effort to be festive. that reminds me, i want to watch the film happy-go-lucky. i've read good things.

i feel a change coming, and no, i'm not talking about the election.

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