and when it comes to capitalism,
you don't know anything.

recent events involving the meltdown of our country's economic structure have inspired me to pursue a masters degree in business administration. i'll have to start off by saying that i've always hated the business students. they were always the well-dressed, clean-cut folk who waltzed into the writing center with their terribly written essays about their latest team-building retreat. it all sounded like bullshit to me. i pictured all of them doing nothing but going on ropes courses and then writing sloppy reports detailing what they "learned." where's the philosophy, where's the art and creativity? i thought them all soulless individuals who sought nothing more than a hefty paycheck.

so, yes. this coming winter, i plan on joining their ranks, and it shocks me to think that i would even consider it. but the fact is, how can i really criticize capitalism, when i really know nothing about how the system works? how can i claim to be anti-corporate, when i don't even know who's in charge? i want to be informed. i want answers to questions like, how is it legal for watsonville farm workers to work 18 hour days for $4 an hour? why do ceos get to make 5, 6, 10 times more than those just a title below them? why does our government vote down a bailout bill, and then choose to re-vote and pass it, not even a week afterward? why is ihat every time the wto comes together, there's a violent protest outside its doors?

there's so much i don't know, and i'm tired of being an uninformed punk kid who waves off major issues by saying, "well, they're corrupt." i want to know why certain political candidates are allowed to run for office over poorer ones, who are more educated and more qualified. business runs everything, and if i'm to take shit apart, i'll need a how-to guide. plus, it'll be free, so there's really nothing to lose. if all else fails, and i don't get the answers i'm looking for, at the very least, i can help my cousin fulfill his lifelong dream of starting up a record store. i owe him that much.

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