eyes can't look at you any other way.

she was four months pregnant, but the kid wasn't mine. this came as a relief to me, but at the same time, bittersweet. we were moving furniture, and she stooped down a little to pick up the other end of that ugly, green couch. i looked at her sharply, and i didn't have to say anything. by the look on her face, she could tell what i was thinking: you idiot, you don't lift when you're pregnant. there were two other guys there, also moving furniture, but it seemed as though the ugly green couch was the only thing she owned. i didn't quite know what was going on; if they were her roommates also relocating, or else two guys just moving in early, or what. whatever the case, they didn't help us, and i was left to drag the green couch out into the garage myself. the garage was cluttered, and i could only think, what a mess. why does everyone accumulate so much crap? in the early morning sun, i stood for a moment, alone, and i watched the dust particles dance.

we went to a nearby video store, but all the videos in there looked really crappy. and i'm not even talking about like your typical crappy films you see in the new releases section at blockbuster. it was more like a showcase of the really low-budget films you could only find in a mexican or filipino video shop, where all the covers look really cheesy and generic. i cracked a joke at one of the taglines, but i can't remember what i had said. she looked disappointed at the selection, and so i asked if we should go to scarecrow instead. "what's scarecrow?" i couldn't believe she hadn't heard of scarecrow, so i played it up like it was the greatest video store ever (it is), even though i've been there a total of four times.

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