i don't check the weather.

surprisingly, i feel much better now that i blogged twenty minutes ago about my foul mood. maybe it also helped that i ate a banana, an orange, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. last night, i got some movies from the library. i was in the mood for something light, and something really stupid. i ended up watching confessions of a teenage drama queen, hence the picture in the previous entry. it wasn't that stupid, though, and therefore it wasn't that funny. i think i just wanted to see lindsay lohan before her life became a total wreck. even though we didn't realize it then, 2004 was a good year, i think, for many of us.

today is friday, and i've got nothing to do. maybe i'll see how many blog posts i can put up before the day is over. even though i'm covering for someone else, i have little to do. the w.s.g. just asked me if i've noticed that weather.com doesn't accurately predict seattle weather. i said that i don't check the weather. i used to, but not anymore. if it rains, it rains. what can you do? "i need to know what the weather is like," she said. i told her to carry around a sweatshirt and umbrella everyday, and she'll be fine.

the w.s.g. and i started talking about americorps again. i think she likes hearing about what a waste of a program it is, but it also gives her the chance to bitch about the program she did, too, which was o ambassadors. she said that there's this quote from george carlin that goes, "scratch any cynic and you'll find a disappointed idealist." she asked me, too, about the girl i'm covering for. "she got married," i said. "how old are you?" she asked (for the second time). "twenty-five." "do you know a lot of people your age getting married?" "classmates from high school and elementary school," i said.

she said that she didn't have any immediate friends who are, or who have, gotten married yet. "just in my peripheral vision," she said, "but i see that it's coming closer and closer to my social group." i nodded. she continued. "i just seem to get to know the same kind of people i got to know growing up, and they aren't the type to get married young." i nodded again. "but my sister got married at twenty-four." i couldn't nod again, so i asked, "how old is she now?" "twenty-eight," she said. good for her, i wanted to say. there's dignity in popping out kids and dedicating your life to watching soaps. changing cat litter and throwing dryer sheets in the dryer. only fools pretend there's more to it than that.

it's funny how most people in their mid-twenties don't seem satisfied, no matter what we're doing. it probably has everything to do with the fact that college is over, so now what? our parents, and even the state, made it mandatory for us to go to school everyday. but as meagan's dad once bluntly put it: "you can't go to school forever." what fools the older generations are, valuing education and then valuing money. the two are mutually exclusive.

it's a good awakening, though. a rude one, but a good one.

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