a reactionary in the crowd.

i attended this event at the law school just now, as it's part of my job to put them on. the issue being addressed focused on immigration policies and detention centers. the speaker was getting really emotional and didn't come across as professional at all. she was more like the old liberal woman who lives next door with her cats and listens to npr on the way to work. but her intentions were good, and she's actually doing good, humanitarian work, so you can't really knock her for it. still, she waved her hands around and said things like, "their stories just break your heart." and i'm sure they do. she and a younger guy played part of a film which depicted some individuals who were locked up in detention centers for minor dismeanors they pled guilty to years ago.

after the film, this white guy with a ring on his left pointer finger raised his hand. he quoted some section of the law to ensure that everyone in the room recognized what a smart and thoughtful person he was. "actually, what you said wasn't entirely true," he said. "this doesn't just apply to low-wage workers. there are carpenters who could get that kind of work." the speaker interrupted, "no, that isn't true. well, if he had a bachelor's degree..." "yes, yes they can," the boy shot back rather arrogantly. he then went on to talk about our need for border security and how, five years ago, a terrorist came down from canada, ready to blow up the space needle on new year's eve.

there was tension in the air and it was obvious that this guy was a self-righteous reactionary. i understand the need for various viewpoints and intellectual discussion, but what i fail to understand is abrasive personalities. this guy could've easily said something along the lines of, "while i understand flaws in our current national policies regarding immigration, i still think that our nation needs to focus on enforcing border security, so as to prevent future terrorist attacks, and could you please speak on that?" but nobody has manners anymore.

no, we've been playing call of duty 4 on xbox live for too long, and we've forgotten how to converse with our fellow man. we hear voices on the other line of a man singing some creepy-as-fuck song he's made up. it goes something like this: "we're going to have fun, fun. we're gonna have some fun, fun!"

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