things i forgot to mention.

while riding the bus on saturday, i looked out and saw the sun setting. it broke through the clouds all purple and orange and red, and it was one good goddamn sunset. later, while taking a shower, i thought to myself that no one can really be successful if he/she fails to recognize a good goddamn sunset every once in a while.

i stood on the bus again this morning. they blast the hell out of those heaters they've got, and it always feels like i'm standing amidst a warm fart. everyone looks so miserable on the bus. i wish we had some early morning crazies who would do a little dance or do chin-ups on the bars (i've seen one guy do it). it would make the ride a bit more entertaining.

today is as slow as a slow monday could be. the american flag positioned between the law school and the dorms lay limp. i really don't get the flag or why people feel the need to raise it or pledge allegiance to it. the only time the flag is interesting is when it's at half-mast. then you know something terrible has happened, and only in tragedy can we really bond as members of the same country. it's funny how most people just go around with their headphones on, one place to the next, and don't say shit to anybody, except maybe a "sorry, i don't have any change," and nobody really finds this weird. the real tragedy isn't the disaster, crisis or collapse itself. i think the real tragedy is that, these days, it takes one for people to really communicate with each other.

one of the advisors came in wearing more makeup than usual today. she wrote me a courtesy email earlier saying she would be in late because she woke up with a massive migraine. when she finally came in, she told me that she puts on lots of makeup to compensate (not sure if this was the exact word she used) for headaches. we had a good laugh about her silly little habit, and then she told me a story about her cat. how her cat was meowing for a long time outside her door, and when she finally let him in, the cat just kept meowing angry meows at her. "he was being a little shit," she said. i laughed at her cat story.

why is it racist to say "colored people," but not "persons of color?" today, i met a student who was a person of color, and she shook my hand. she was wearing one of those obama shirts where half his face is red and the other half blue. i think the shirt is supposed to mean that obama unites republicans and democrats, but that thought just occurred to me now, and i'm not sure if that's what the shirt is really trying to say. maybe it's just saying that obama is a colorful person of color.

if i had a lot of money, i'd run for public office and get people all excited about all the things i was gonna do. then, like any other job, i'd probably just waste a lot of time on the internet.

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