twenty-seven thousand before taxes.

the sun always seems to come out as soon i step into the office. the decent weather is out there, just mocking us. i've been editing this document that goes on the american bar association's website, and i'm craving something else. i'd like to be watching episodes of the office on somebody's couch, or else having a water balloon fight on a hot summer day. fall is great, though. this city never looked better in the fall. it's all colored leaves and puddles, the way things should be in october.

last time around this year, i'd do nothing all day and then i'd walk over to my cousin's house. chances were, despite it being the late afternoon, he'd still be asleep, so i would watch tv on his big screen, some movie he'd just downloaded or else netflixed. after he had woken up and showered, he would watch whatever i was watching, too, and then we'd play music until we got tired of that. then we'd sit around and say, "well, what next?" and since he'd just purchased a new barbecue grill, he'd suggest we barbecue, even though we had just done that two nights ago, or else a week ago. "that sounds cool," i'd say, and we'd invite some other cousins over. if they couldn't make it, then we barbecued anyway, and then we watched the red sox win.

he was really into eating sunflower seeds, like we were at a real baseball game. he'd spit them into a red plastic cup. sometimes the oysters would give me a stomach ache, and i would be in the bathroom for a little while. i have a weak stomach. but the oysters are really good, especially when you dip them in vinegar with chopped onions. my uncles introduced us to this great appetizer when we were kids, and we were simply carrying on the tradition. one uncle even told me that i should come along with him to the bay sometime, where he buys the oysters fresh. it never happened.

because i was looking for a good laugh, i watched freedom writers last night. the joke was on me, though, as it turned out to be a true story. i'm glad that there are teachers out there changing lives and helping people. it's just too bad that at the end of the line, if they're lucky, there's a 9 to 5 waiting for them.

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