damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

people were honking their horns last night. just driving up and down the streets, honking their horns. two black men were arguing at the back of the bus. i couldn't hear much, but i could tell they were arguing. "i still don't think it represents real change in america," one said. "you're wrong," the other said. "if i had grown up in the 1940's, then..." unfortunately, i couldn't hear the rest of it. out on the street, there was a black man walking around chanting, "obamaobamaobamaobama," and when someone else would yell "obama!" the man would yell "obama!" back.

katie couric delivered the news to us. i would've preferred stephen colbert or jon stewart to do it, but no one i know is willing to pay for cable. before the news, though, john got up and left for a while. "where is he?" i asked emily. "showering. ironing his obama t-shirt," emily said. sure enough, john came out wearing his obama t-shirt. it was a strange thing to see the black man winning. it felt unreal. a black man as president? that only happens in hollywood doomsday films. was a comet coming to blow up the earth?

we watched tv for what seemed a long time, waiting to hear mccain's concession speech and obama's new and improved hope speech. my mom called me and said, "did you hear the news?" i texted jacob, and he texted back, "i'm da best, man. i did it." john and i got lit and started singing "gangsta lean." john mccain's rally became a lot funnier. "look at all the hurt white people," i said. "it looks like the video for 'everybody hurts.'" i relished in the thought of white supremacists overturning bar stools in disgust and disappointment across hick towns throughout middle america.

it was a good night and emily made good chili. it's not often i see the majority of people i know getting what they want.

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ultrafknbd said...

It was surely a subdued moment at the ultrafknbd homestead. As James Ridgeway pointed out, it is a welcoming change in the face of politics but its substance remains the same. We can only tell in the coming months and years whether the new Camelot repeats itself - the left retreated and self-satisfied only to usher in a kindler gentler Empire. The delusion remains with the "liberalness" of the Clinton administration as well. I sadly can no longer enjoy moments of seeming or marked historical significance. It is marred and paved with promises passed, innocents dead, and intolerance for poor acting.