i'm just doing what i'm told.

i went into the business office to get some petty cash. the old woman who works there was arguing with another old woman who works on the fourth floor. fourth floor said, "where's my order? i put the order in two days ago!" business office said, "no, you didn't. i didn't get any order like that from you." "you did. do you need me to forward the email to you again?" "yes, do that." they both sighed and went their separate ways. it was strange to see business office so huffy, since she's like a nice old grandma. she's gotta be at least 70 something. i wouldn't be surprised if it was 80.

then, at the dentist's office, the two receptionists were arguing. "his insurance doesn't cover that." "i know, but i need to put it down anyway." "well, why? it doesn't matter." "i'm just doing what dr. lee asked." "i don't know why you need to do that." "i'm just doing what i'm told." it was weird to see them argue so openly, in front of patients. it didn't get out of hand or anything, but still, they were talking to each other really condescendingly. some people, man.

the dentist recommended i come back for a "deep cleaning." "what's that?" i asked. she showed me the crooked little needle. "basically we use this, and we get under your gums." in the waiting room, i had to listen to the radio station that all dentist offices are always playing. why is it that when you go to the dentist, they're always playing some soft rock station, making people listen to jewel, u2, and r.e.m.? and then there's the disney movies and computer magazines. and national geographic. nobody reads national geographic. nobody.

i talked with my friend via gchat about obama. "it's pretty inspiring," he said. "yeah," i said. "doesn't it just make you want to quit your job and do something that matters?" "yeah," he wrote back, "but then i wouldn't be able to eat."

it's raining today, and i'm forced to ask myself again what i'm doing in seattle. i don't mind. i carry my umbrella and zip up my sweatshirt.

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