in your stupid yellow car.

meagan and i went ghost-hunting at the harvard exit theater. well, not really. we went to go see happy go lucky, and we talked about how the theater was haunted. she had read in a read right book that some woman's head appeared in the theater. i don't know if that meant an actual head or an apparition, but either way, the place is supposedly haunted. i read somewhere that women were occasionally seen floating down the staircase. meagan said that the theater used to be a place held for women's suffrage. "a woman's right to vote?" i asked. "yes," she said. "then why's it haunted?" "i don't know," she said, "maybe they don't like you."

i expected way too much of happy go lucky, and even though it was still a really good movie, i wanted it to be the next amelie or something. poppy, played by sally hawkins, was entertaining and fun to watch. the movie made me wonder why i haven't yet taken up flamenco or trampolining. hobbies are what save us from ourselves. i think i'll sign up for swimming lessons at the connolly center. maybe they have a trampoline, too. i'd like to trampoline.

i woke up around 1:30 this morning and thought of the woman's head. i don't know why this stupid thing scared me, but it did. i just thought i would look up and see some strange woman's head, and then i had trouble falling back asleep. and i thought about her head showing up on my laptop's background, and that freaked me out even more. then i started thinking about christians speaking in tongues. i thought about that minister extracting sarah palin's demons, and it took a while for me to get back to sleep.

i've had a cold all weekend, so saturday i slept until three in the afternoon. when i woke up, i saw that i had a youtube comment on an au revoir simone cover i didn't even know i posted. see, i played a bunch of covers on the guitar and taped myself via my laptop. i tried to upload some, but the audio was off. so i deleted some, tried to reupload some, and at this point, i don't even know what's working. the best is when i'm uploading one, and then it gets up to 100% and then it'll say, "upload failed." gotta love technology.

there's this student who comes in and needs things from me. she swears that she has sent me emails about that which she is trying to communicate to me, and i never have any clue what she's talking about. when i try to pry, she sighs, jokingly, but i think that secretly, she is annoyed that we aren't on the same wavelength. i told her that there's an undergrad who shares my name, and maybe her emails had gone to him. she's a funny girl, though, always looking stressed and not getting any sleep. "it's just law school," i want to dismissively say to her, though i actually don't have a clue what the students are going through.

i've been reading jenny and the jaws of life, as recommended by emily. the author's writing is all over the place, and for that reason, i like it.

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