stuff filipino-americans don't like.

you might've heard by now about this blog called stuff white people like. i thought it was funny for about ten seconds. then, after i saw that the blog had received over 20 million hits at the time, i could only conclude that the author himself was a self-deprecating white man. and in case you're wondering, yeah, that's the case. my friend linked me to this blog after he saw that christian lander, author of stuff white people like, listed things like "indie bands," adbusters, and "hating corporations" as some of the things white people liked. he got me. i was white, according to his blog.

this shit's stupid. and forgive me for playing the race card, but come the fuck on. white boy starts a blog in january, gets a book deal, gets 40,000,000 views, and receives invites to various talk shows all in less than a year? don't tell me the same thing could've happened to me, had i chosen to name my blog: you know you're a filipino when...

i once asked my filipino-american fiction teacher if his books sold well in the philippines, but i already knew the answer. the answer was a clear and distinct, "no, of course not." truth is, they don't even sell all that well here. so, who can filipinos and filipino-american youth look up to? manny pacquiao. fists of fury, right? who needs brains or personality when you can just beat the shit out of someone. and i know, i know. you're not supposed to say your race or religion or gender or any of that shit should hold you back, but i am. i'm saying it. you're supposed to rise up, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, right? be a trailblazer, be a maverick.

but what does it mean when the first african-american president is elected in your country - the country you were born in, grew up in, the only country you know - after over two hundred fucking years? and according to white lefties, the guy's a "corporate shill," "an uncle tom for corporations." at least hillary has shown us that women can be in the running, if they're well-funded. but it's still a black and white world, and filipinos clearly aren't even in the running.

the only flips i see in seattle mop floors and work at the goodwill. some nurses, maybe, and some students, but no one really in any clearly defined position of power. so, where does that leave me? it shouldn't have anything to do with anything, right? this is america, where one can achieve anything. that's what our president-elect has shown us. but i'm pretty sure i have a better chance of turning water into wine before i come close to raising the kind of money he raised for his campaign.

for the most part, i'll admit that i don't even think about being a filipino-american all that much. it's not the same as spike lee waking up everyday having to think to himself, i'm a black man in america. it's not quite like that or anything at all. we don't even have a television show of our own like ugly betty and lucy liu and sandra o. are chinese. i flipped through a filipino magazine my aunt sent me over the summer, and i was unable to identify a single celebrity. there's k.c. concepcion, but i don't know what she's done, and you've probably never heard of her, either.

i was even more pissed when i read in an article that christian lander came up with the idea when he and his "filipino friend" were talking about how much they liked the wire. what, the friend doesn't have a name? why even emphasize that he was filipino to begin with? we, who aren't black or white, when will we be able to take credit for anything?


Meagan said...

it's like, "give a little respect toooooooooo-ooooooooooooo meeeeeeeeee!"

Jacob Dempsey said...

i think fez from that 70s show is at least an honorary Filipino. Listen, the reasons filipinos get no respect is because they're country starts with a PH, but all of the sudden they gotta change shit around when talking about themselves. It should be "Phillipino". Unacceptable.