your 3:00 is here.

i'm "holding down the fort" as they say, since emily is out sick today. all that means is i make appointments for students, and i let advisors know when their students have arrived. this morning, a blonde 1L came in and asked if she had to attend a seminar before meeting with an advisor. "i couldn't attend," she said, "because it was cancelled." she told me twice that thursday's seminar was cancelled, and could she still meet with an advisor? "probably," i said. as i walked over to one of the offices to find out, the 1L called out to me: "i don't know if it matters, but i've worked in the legal field before, so i know all about resumes and cover letters." "okay," i said. i knew the advisor overheard everything, as we were the only ones in there at 8:30 in the goddamn morning. behind her clear-framed glasses, she was rolling her eyes. "is it okay..." i began, already aware of the answer. "yes," she said, grinning.

i attended this meeting today about gitmo detainees. something occurred to me during it, but i can't remember it now. after the lecture, this girl raised her hand. "forgive me," she began, "i'm just a lowly, ignorant 1L..." the professor laughed and said, "there's no such thing," or something like that. i've seen her around and she seems like a fun, awkward girl. like a blend of mia and lilly in the princess diaries with a twist of hipster. yes, that would describe her alright.

the copy machine i usually use is not working. i kept fucking with it just to make sure. i think the librarian or library tech or whatever her position is came in and said, "it's not working." "oh," i said, as if i had just figured that out. "i called the service people," she said, "but they haven't arrived yet." "is there another one?" i asked. i honestly didn't know. "yeah, go up to the third floor toward the technology department. there's one there." i followed her instructions, but they led me to a dead end: a woman's bathroom, i think, and a janitor's closet. maybe i didn't follow them correctly. i ended up printing out all the copies and stapling them myself.

so, there you have it. my monday consisting of bizarre 1Ls and broken copy machines. i once asked dong if he had a case of the mondays. "nah, man," he wrote back. "i think of it more as a disease."

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