caution: icy roads ahead.

yesterday, i went down an icy road, s. angeline st., and i spun around in meagan's car. as i went over the last speed bump, i knew i was going too fast, and i panicked when i couldn't stop. a california kid driving in the snow in someone else's car is never a good idea. as i slid down the road in the paseo, i saw oncoming traffic perpendicular to me, and i thought for certain i was going to cause a huge accident. i did the only thing i could do: i pulled up the emergency brake, slammed my fist down on the horn, and i tried to steer myself into the nearby field. it would've been smarter to try and get to the curb on the right, but for some reason, i pulled the steering wheel left. it could've been bad.

later, as i approached the ramp that goes from beacon hill into georgetown, i saw a car at a complete stop. i wondered at first if he was having car trouble, but then i realized he was inching his way down the ramp. so, that's how you're supposed to do it. i took his cue, and inched downward myself. i was lucky he was there. i might not have put two and two together, or else i might have just not recognized that the ramp was also covered in ice. the cars behind me inched forward, too. together, we made our slow descent.

in moments like those, it's hard to accept that all you can do is brace yourself and hope for the best.


Jacob Dempsey said...

you fool

sprout said...

gonna have to agree with jacob on this one.