countdown to manila.

why is cnn always on at every airport? did cnn buy all these hdtvs and have them strategically placed at every lounge, every terminal? do people at the airport really think that travelers want to hear about all the crap going down in all these different countries? what are they thinking? show an episode of weeds or something. show music videos. no one wants to look at anderson fucking cooper anymore! or larry king. jesus.

i'm hanging out in the mabuhay lounge. the bathroom has a black urinal and black stall. it's a single occupany bathroom, and i expected it to be fancier. they didn't have soft charmin toilet paper like i expected. there was a can of pledge by the sink rather than fresh flowers or roses, like i'd find at a fancy thai restaurant's bathroom in seattle. the food tasted like it had been sitting out, too. the eggrolls were soggy and the sandwiches a bit stale. i wish we had gotten to san fran earlier so that we could've gone to ppq or godzilla sushi. my uncle tim must not like me right now, i'm a prima donna.

the nice thing about the mabuhay lounge is that there is wireless internet available. i don't understand why free wireless can't be available at every airport. it would save the customer service people a lot of time. "my flight's been delayed. what's the new departure time?" "i don't know, we have internet. look it up."

everyone in the mabuhay lounge is filipino. there are young people and old. if my aunt wasn't the right-hand woman of the president of philippine airlines, my parents, my uncle and i would all be sitting at a regular terminal. with no free wireless internet. i had to take advantage and blog.

my aunt called me up a little while ago to ask me if i wanted to attend a party where kc concepcion is going to be. i think she's joking, but i told her i would like to go. kc concepcion is a filipina actress and singer. i really haven't seen her movies or heard her music - i'm sure it's all great - but a few months ago, i wrote a song about her anyway, and my aunt liked it. ever since then, she thinks that i am obsessed with kc concepcion. in truth, i would love to meet a filipino celebrity, just to say that i have. i asked my dad if we could get on a game show called wowowee. "we can try," he said.

we have a lot of boxes we're bringing to manila. people over there always want practical things like spam, diapers, toiler paper, and corned beef. so, we are bringing boxes and boxes with us. "just looking at those boxes wears me out," rich said. he drove us to the airport, and we listened to sufjan stevens' christmas carols. san francisco was all lit up with lights. the sfo international terminal had giant snowflake lights shining on the front of it.

our flight will leave in about an hour and a half. i am looking forward to going now that i am older and will remember things better. father leigh once made us read an essay, and he called it a "double exposure" essay. it was called double exposure because it was a guy writing about a place he visited when he was young and then when he was old.

maybe i will write a double exposure essay, too.

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