getting naked with my dad and uncles.

saturday, my first day in the philippines, ate took my parents, my two uncles, and me to some random japanese looking building. i thought that my dad and uncles were going to play at the casino while my mom and ate got a massage. we went up to the fifth floor, and a filipino boy in sandals and a robe asked us to remove our shoes. we did that. he then led ate and my mom away, and then he led us men into another room where there were a bunch of lockers. i was given a key, number 20.

i had no idea what was going on. "put your stuff in your locker," my dad told me. i did as i was told. suddenly, my uncles and my dad started stripping. "what's going on?" i asked. "we're going to the pool" my dad said, "you have to remove your clothes." i stripped down to my boxers. my dad asked my uncle, who, at this point, had already gotten naked, "salawal den?" (underwear too?), and my uncle said yes. "now we can see how big you are," my uncle said. i could've sat it out. i could've said, no thank you, but on the flight to manila, i decided i would try to say yes to everything. so, i stripped.

one would think that the staff would have given us full-sized towels to help us men cover our junk, but no. instead, we were given small hand towels to hide our penises. i trailed behind my dad and uncles, their hairy asses exposed at the part where the towels' ends couldn't reach. my dad and i went to the steaming hot pool, while my uncles went into the sauna. it actually felt pretty good, especially after the thirteen hour flight.

after our soak, i took a shower. then i saw a sign that read, please shower before you use the pool. oops. i went into the sauna for a little bit, just because i had never been in one before. it was a little too much for me to handle. "it's like a sauna in here," i said to myself, quoting seinfeld. when i finished up, i went into another room, and i discovered where they kept the full-length towels. i wrapped myself up. the shirtless filipino boy in sandals came over and handed me a black and white kimono. it was good to be dressed again.

"massage is next," my dad said. we walked over to a counter where a filipino lady asked us, "dry or oil?" in tagalog. my dad asked me. "dry," i said, but i quickly changed my mind. "no, wait! oil." the woman told me to choose from a bunch of different oils, all located in small blue bottles. if i were alone, i probably would've chosen "sensuality." but because my dad was standing there, i chose the next best thing: "muscle relaxant." my dad asked me to choose for him. one of us should get sensuality, i thought. but that would've been weird. i chose "relaxing" for him, though i wish i had chosen "cheerful."

the massage was pretty rough. the woman covered my face, so i could never tell what the hell was going on. i got ticklish every time she ran her hands up my hamstrings, and i kicked a little bit when she'd run her fingernails over the soles of my feet. she also cracked every conceivable bone in my body, including toes, fingers, back, and neck. it felt good, but it also kind of hurt. she also did this weird thing where she covered my face with the white towel and really dug into the areas around my nose and mouth. it hurt quite a bit, but strangely, i couldn't tell her to stop.

when we were done, my uncle tim took me up to the sixth floor. "there's a lounge up there with drinks," he told me. "alright," i said. we went upstairs, and i used the bathroom to make sure i didn't need a tourniquet for my face. when i came back, a mango smoothie was already waiting for me. we sat in some lounge with a terrific view that overlooked the city. i turned to my dad and said, "this is amazing." he just looked at me and laughed, as though he were saying, yeah, how did we ever get so lucky?

shortly afterward, my mom and my uncle rebel joined us. my uncle rebel turned to me and said, "this is the life, huh?" i nodded.

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Nia & Leia said...

soooooo weird!!!!! i can't believe you got naked with them! HAHAH!