oh no, we'll have to listen to christmas carols.

the school provided a holiday breakfast for all staff and faculty this morning. lisa showed up to tell emily about it, then invited me as an afterthought. we had to wait for the i.t. woman because the i.t. woman told lisa about it. when we were ready to go, lisa said, "let me go across the hall and get my jacket." emily said, "it's not that far." lisa said, "yeah, but it's cold outside." i agreed with lisa. "i didn't say it wasn't cold," emily said, "i just said it wasn't far." "still, you'll want a jacket," i said. "are you gonna wear a jacket?" lisa asked emily. "no," emily said. "well, if you don't wear one, i won't wear one, either." the four of us left for the cafeteria, paper plates in our hands, the two girls jacketless.

a long line of people were waiting outside the student center, ready to fill their plates with their free holiday meal. for a moment, i was paranoid i would see faculty and have to talk to them, tell them what i'm doing now. there's nothing more boring than telling an old english professor that i work for the school. i filled my plate with fruit, eggs, and a muffin. i wanted bacon, but bacon was on the other side, and the other side was crowded. it probably would've been worth it, though, for a piece of burnt bacon. no sausages. what kind of a holiday breakfast doesn't have sausages?

a woman was playing the piano and singing. "oh no," lisa said, "we're gonna have to listen to christmas carols." the i.t. woman turned to me, and said in her best english, "i can't even hear her." it was awfully noisy, and i wondered if the woman knew how futile it was to play the piano and sing. outside the center, the small i.t. clique was eating breakfast under the cafeteria stairs. this group seems more at ease, like they're certain nothing at the school could function without them. and the truth of it is, we'd all go home if they didn't do their jobs. they are the cool kids, the stoners and hippies in high school, then later, the hipster liberal arts majors who smoked outside the dorm buildings and classrooms.

on our way back to the office, lisa turned to me and said, "it must be nice and warm in that jacket, huh?" "yeah," i said, "it is."

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