ate got four tickets to go see a live filming of the filipino game show, wowowee. it was pretty sweet. the show itself pretty much sucks, as it is the typical win this, try for that, but i had a good time. my dad, uncle tim, and i were front row and center, and i pretty much spent the entire three and a half hours taking pictures of the dancers. it was a lot like going to a strip club without the nudity and without the fees. any cheap, straight male who's really into fit filipinas would be in heaven.

the show is filmed at the abs-cbn studio in queson city, and how ate managed to get tickets for the christmas eve show, i'll never know. "how'd she do it?" i asked my dad. "she's got connections," he replied. the fact of the matter is, ate pretty much rules manila. i think that i could do pretty much anything i want here, as long as we're related. uncle rebel and uncle tim arrived at the studio late, and they were almost denied entrance. ate was pretty pissed at them. they got stuck in traffic, though, and traffic is quite a bitch here.

the show runs three hours, and during the commercial breaks, three badings (gays) try to entertain the audience. it's pretty cool that there were openly gay gays there, but it's kind of messed up that none of them get any air time. during one commercial break, i went to the bathroom and was late coming back for filming. i had to wait backstage, or "on standby" as they called it. i took pictures of the girls as they ran by, and one of them stopped to pose for us paparazzi for quite a bit. she even egged us on at one point, to keep taking shots. if i were uncle tim, i would've said, "i don't like arrogant models."

the show seemed pretty fake for the most part. they gave money randomly to really downtrodden looking filipinos. a lady in a wheelchair got a bunch of giveaways. most people given air time said that their profession was "katulong" (maid). children cried and talked about how hard their lives were. now, i know that there's honest-to-god unbelievable poverty here, and things are fucked up beyond measure, but there was something very peculiar about putting it on air and then playing sad piano music to accompany their whimpers. it was as though they were saying, look at their grief, it's quite entertaining.

willie, the show's host, was wearing his standard getup: polo shirt and faded jeans. he also has glasses and looks like a typical filipino uncle. how he managed to make millions of dollars and surround himself with the philippines' hottest looking girls will forever remain a mystery to me. he is currently on the cover of yes magazine, which he advertised constantly during the show. the girls also advertised coca-cola while doing a dance, and some other products that i was unfamiliar with as well.

after the show, my mom and everyone we know said they saw me and my dad on tv. she said that i was always looking at the monitors and that i was always taking pictures. i didn't know what else i was supposed to be doing during those three hours.

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