do you know how to do it now?

judas and jesus are sitting at a red table at jesuit high school. the school day is over , and jesus is looking over his global studies book, while judas is listening to his ipod. judas likes the band he is listening to okay, but really, he is interested in them because of their name. they are called judas priest. jesus thinks judas is kind of stupid for liking a band just because of their name. jesus prefers abba and the rolling stones.

meanwhile, pontius pilate is roaming the halls, messing with boys left and right. it's the usual, random bullying pontius is known for: taking books from passersby and tossing them, punching boys in the penis, and kicking boys in their butts with his muddy shoes. pontius thinks he's a riot; everyone else just thinks he's an asshole.

"nice hair, hippie," pontius says, flicking some of jesus' hair back. "what are you, a fucking woman?" jesus doesn't know how to fight back, so he just glares at pontius. when his mother glares at him, it is enough for him to know to stop doing whatever it is he's doing. it doesn't, however, seem to have the same effect on pontius. "and what are you listening to, faggot?" he is now addressing judas. jesus, though still clearly annoyed, is slightly relieved that the focus is taken off himself. "judas priest," judas says. "judas priest? ahh, that guy was a faggot. you do know that right? you would listen to a faggot, faggot!" pontius walks off, laughing to himself.

judas takes his headphones out of his ears and stuffs the ipod into his backpack. it's a gray and brown jansport backpack, and he has some patches and pins on it. there is a judas priest patch and other, similar hard rock bands. "what an asshole. i fucking hate that guy." "don't worry," jesus says, "he'll get his one day." "not soon enough. i can't wait 'til he fails out. fucking retard." at this moment, judas pulls out a binder, and inside is a high society adult magazine. he flips through the pages, and jesus looks over. he's only human after all. there is an obscene picture where two older girls are wearing nothing but ties and cat ears.

"put it away!" jesus says, "dean's coming." the dean walks by and doesn't say anything to the boys. he is wearing his usual get up: tie, slacks, dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. he doesn't even acknowledge the boys exist. jesus thinks that, if he were dean, or any staff or faculty for that matter, he would at least try to be sociable and say 'hello' to the students every now and again. but the dean doesn't even try. nobody there seems to try. the only sort of communication at that institution is "somebody pick up that trash," or "tuck in that shirt," or "you've all got j.u.g. (detention)."

"who's a bigger asshole, you think?" judas says. "pontius or the dean?" "your mom," jesus says, shaking his head. jesus tries to return to his global studies book, but he has trouble concentrating. he has these moments of panic, moments where he really convinces himself that he is, in fact, in prison, serving a minimum four-year sentence. he wants to break down. don't be ridiculous, he tells himself. be a man. be a man for others. you don't hate this place more than anybody else. you're not worse off than anyone else.

"so, how's mary?" judas asks. jesus snaps out of it. "alright, i guess." "you nail her yet?" "no. come on, we've known each other, what? three weeks?" jesus met mary magdalene at a dance. she was dressed kind of trashy, but jesus didn't mind. in fact, he kind of liked it. since then, because neither is old enough to drive yet, they have only been talking through text messages and instant messenger. "that girl's a real slut," judas says, "you'd better make sure you wear a condom." "like you'd know," jesus says. judas' father arrives. "see you tomorrow," jesus says. "yeah, later," judas says.

from out of nowhere, a black man approaches jesus. it is quite obvious this man is homeless, and he might be a little bit crazy. "do you know it?" the black man asks jesus. "do you know how to do it now?" he says. jesus only looks at him, peers into his dark eyes.

at that moment, campus security arrives and escorts him off the premises.

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