i go out sometimes.

"aren't you glad it's friday?"
"i guess."
"what do you mean, 'you guess?' it's friday! who doesn't love friday?"
"friday is alright."
"well, what are you gonna do this weekend?"
"i don't know, watch a movie or something, probably."
"that's all you ever do, isn't it? don't you ever go out? you know, drink? have fun?"
"i go out sometimes."
"yeah? like where?"
"i go see my friends, go out to eat every now and then."
"i don't think you do."
"well, it's what i do."
"aren't you gonna ask me what i'm gonna do this weekend?"
"what are you gonna do this weekend?"
"i've gotta help my aunt move. ugh."
"that sucks."
"yeah, it does suck. she didn't even ask me! she just emailed me a list of things she needed done. and she expects me to do them."
"yeah, and she's rich! why can't she just hire professional movers?"
"i don't know."
"that's what i'd do. one day, i'll be rich and i'll hire professional movers. i want them to pack up my stuff for me, and then arrange it the way i want in my new place."
"i think they can do that already."
"really? like, even little knick-knacks and stuff?"
"probably. i think they charge by the hour, so it'd be expensive. but i think they would do it."
"well, when i'm rich it won't even matter. i'm gonna tell them how i want it done."

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