no one can find you.

"can you believe that we're alive?"
"that we're alive. right now."
"i believe it, but i don't know what you're getting at."
"that it's a fuckin' miracle, man."
"what's the miracle?"
"you and me, right here, having this conversation."
"what's so miraculous about this?"
"oh, i don't know. that you and i are meeting right now in the year 2009?"
"i'm not following."
"come on, man. both you and me were created in such a period of time that we are able to have this conversation at this very specific moment in time."
"that's not a miracle. that's just coincidence."
"no, no! no, it's not just coincidence. it's not co-in-ci-dance. it's sacred and miraculous is what it is!"
"i talk to a lot of people. those supposed to be miracles, too?"
"yes, yes it is."
"i don't see how."
"well then, i feel bad for you. i truly do, brother. you are blind."
"yeah, but you're crazy. that's just crazy talk."
"i'm just saying what i feel. if you don't feel it, then you're lost. you're truly lost, and no one can find you."
"so, let me get this straight. just because you and i are talking in a city where millions of other people live and talk to each other all the time, that's a miracle?"
"just forget it. you didn't believe then. nothing i say now can convince you."
"what? that just because i didn't die at childbirth, or that i was born in ethiopia, or that i haven't been killed in a car crash yet, i'm supposed to think this a miracle?"
"you got the wrong attitude, brother. you got it all wrong."
"no, but that's what you're saying, though, isn't it?"
"that's not what i'm saying at all."
"you're saying that this, waking up, breathing, talkin' with people, going to work, taking a shit. these are miracles?"
"just forget it. forget what i said. i don't care for your tone, brother."
"i'm just trying to follow your line of thought."
"no, no you're not. you're ridiculing a truth i've brought you today. i've brought you this nugget of truth, and you've shown that you're not ready for it."

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