press conference for a jesuit scandal.

today, a press conference was held for the president of the school. father s. is being served with a lawsuit that says he knew about a sexually abusive priest, and that he did nothing about it. it was interesting to see the picture of him on the seattle weekly's website, looking all grumpy and miserable. if i didn't know him, and i hadn't heard him speak before, i would say, "that is one guilty ass priest." but maybe he is guilty, who knows. fuck me if he is (no pun intended). if i can't know one innocent priest in the world, what is left to believe in?

a bird pooped on me today. i remember when my cousin claire got pooped on in the seventh grade. she screamed and pulled at her sweater, in order to get the poop as far away from her as possible. what an awful thing to get pooped on. i thought i would be more upset about it, but i wasn't. not really. i could hear the damn thing as it dropped right by my ear. at first i thought it was rain, or maybe a nut falling from a tree, but then i looked up. and up there sat two birds on a telephone wire. you idiot assholes, i thought.

there was a good poem on the bus today. it was called "new orleans reverie, after volunteering" or something like that. i liked the line that read, "like my sentences, everything here is unfinished." she - of course i assume the author is a woman - also wrote something like "chauntreuse fleur-de-lis." any time an author uses some word or phrase i don't know, i automatically assume she's good. that's why i don't do poetry. i only know words like: "terrible," "exhausting," and "self-deprecating."

at work, i don't know what i am doing. i have a computer and email and a phone and papers on my desk, but i don't know what i'm doing. i dressed up for this. i got out of bed for this. at the end of the month, i will be issued a check and i will use some of the money for food and rent. it's funny when you think about it. walking back from qfc during my lunch break, i saw a bunch of people walking, too. there was a woman riding one of those little carts on campus, a girl locking up her bicycle, and some older people walking by the chapel. it was so hilarious, and i can't even say why.

it was all just so exhaustingly, terribly hilarious to me.

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