sighing one minute, shaking hands the next.

a student had arrived and told me that she had an appointment. i went to her adviser's office and knocked on the door.the adviser had her head on the desk. she is my favorite adviser because she is always doing something to show me her disdain for the job. sometimes she will roll her eyes or make a face, but today, she just had her head on the desk. i don't know if she was trying to be funny or what, but i found it pretty funny. she's got a law degree, a husband and two kids. i think i find it so entertaining because it just goes to show, degree or no degree, money or no money, a job is still just a job.

i could see why she rolls her eyes, or else puts her head on the desk. because sometimes, the students will sit on the black leather chairs in our waiting area, and they will discuss their goals, their hopes and dreams with one another. "i want to intern here and here and here..." "oh, that wouldn't be good. you don't want to get in with that firm because..." "oh, i was in [insert foreign country here] last summer, and it was amazing..." i don't know what it would be like to meet with these people day in and day out. it must take its toll.

the funny thing, though, is even after she puts her head on the desk, or rolls her eyes, she is able to come out of her office and greet the student with a smile, like that student is her most favorite student and that she has been waiting for so long just to see that student. now that's what i call professionalism. sometimes, i can hear their conversations through the door. they discuss things like scholarships and cover letters, resumes and work experience. they, we, all want to be a part of the world that runs on niceties, eloquence, punctuality, job security, financial stability, drinks after work, coffee breaks, celebrity gossip.

she is a fan of the twilight series. she talks about this series with her coworkers. before november, it was all about obama. now it's all about twilight. and then, when there's a major news event - like yesterday's emergency landing - she will talk about that. i don't mind it, really. it's what i always expected the office environment to be like. sometimes, she looks over and i get the feeling that she would like it if i joined the conversation. she's even said this once. "you can give us your input, too," she once told me. but i never do. i must come across as judgmental or anti-social or something awful, and i hate that. but really, what am i gonna say about obama and twilight and emergency landings?

maybe next time, i will just rest my head on the desk, too.

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beastmomma said...

Maybe you should have said something like "I would contribute but the chemicals from my hair dye are eating up my brain cells. "