don't be jealous.

on saturday, i was at h&m in the u-village. h&m is a clothing store for fashionable young people. i was wearing a green v-neck sweater, and i was holding a green plant meagan had bought for her grandmother's 80th birthday. i was sitting next to the mannequin in the window, and there was a girl nearby chatting on her phone.

the girl was half-asian or half-black, and she was too fabulous. she said things into her phone like, "do you remember that dress i wore when..." she walked past another woman who had a cell phone that glittered all kinds of different colors. "you have so much bling on your phone!" the half-asian/half-black girl said to the white woman. "don't be jealous," the white woman said.

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Aby said...

This is as funny as it could have been... I'm addicted to your blog.