newsflash: this isn't news.

this morning, my friend linked me to last night's joaquin phoenix interview on letterman. phoenix came off as a complete ass or lunatic or whatever. some say he was on drugs, and others say it was all just a big publicity stunt. the thing that bothers me the most is that even if it was just a publicity stunt, or if he was really serious about being a terrible rapper instead of a so-so actor, either way, it's all being videotaped, which means it's going to be released, which means that it's going to make millions of dollars. it's basically the equivalent of an actor taking a fat dump, videotaping it, and then subsequently winning the oscar for best documentary.

it's kind of like the lady with the octuplets. currently, she's accused of being a total moron for undergoing fertilization treatments so she could have a total of fourteen kids. she doesn't have a job or any source of income, and she lives with her parents. she probably thought that by having fourteen kids, she could have her own reality show, or book deal, or receive help from the government. she's even set up a website that begs for donations. most likely, she'll get everything she ever hoped for.

because our country is a stupid one, and its populace rewards its citizens accordingly.

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