recipe for a black hole.

when i'm in seattle, i wish i was in california. when i'm in california, i wish i was somewhere else.

i'd like a job that demands the use of my brain, or else my body.

i miss family get-togethers, even though i should've had my fill last year.

i understand now why you come home from work, and are too unmotivated to do anything. comcast stays king.

i am doing what all adults my age are supposed to be doing: renting an apartment, going to work, hanging out with peers. so why does it still feel off?

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Humanity Blues said...

Today, I talked to my boss about the fact that I have been diagnosed as bipolar and I am having a really hard time with it. He told me to look on the bright side, now that I'm crazy I will never have to do Jury Duty.