tell me how it ends already.

i write lazy email responses to people i used to know.

i've written out rent checks through august. right now, there are five of them marked, "april, may, june, july, august," and they are just sitting here, waiting to be mailed.

most of the time, i'd like to fast-forward through a lot of things. it's all becoming this so-so movie i don't really want to sit through. something like the movie sleepers, which i was too impatient and uninterested to finish, so i just had my cousin tell me how it ended.

over the weekend, jacob linked me to a funny blog called asian failure. it's a lot funnier than stuff white people like, but then again, so are most things.

emily had this theory that the economic crisis could all be bullshit. and since i don't know anything about how the business world works, she might be onto something.

i read this poem on the bus today. it was called "stick of incense" and it went:
i blow you out,
little friend.
for you serve me better as ember,
than flame.

i packed my shorts and a pair of socks, in an attempt to convince myself to go to the gym after work. "on a scale of one to ten," my coworker emily said, "how convinced are you that you'll actually go?" "right now," i said, "six."

i have weird encounters with the other program assistant in the other office. it's all because she brought up that story once about the broken clock. now, i feel compelled to say something, even though i don't want to. "hey," i said. "good morning, how are you?" she said. "okay," i said.

i figure, if they're going to isolate us with computers and cubicles, we might as well act that way.

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