wanting to do something else.

now that i'm here, now that i've made it, i wish that i was in the backyard pulling up rocks, or else trimming the trees and rose bushes. my pile of rocks and slabs of cement are still sitting there, red and gray, resting against the fence. on the other side of the yard, the compost pile sits there, too, and my parents have admitted that they don't contribute. i'd like to be outdoors, moving around, doing something productive, even if it's not that productive.

men are taught instead to use their minds. using one's mind leads to more money. it leads to fancy titles like "chair" and "executive." nobody wants to be a laborer. that's grunt work. better to be a lazy intellectual, is basically what's agreed upon. study hard, work hard, but we're not actually talking "work" work - that is, work in the physical sense. no, it means read and retain information and be prepared to summarize that information for other people to more easily digest.

why is climbing the corporate ladder so looked down upon by lefty liberals when climbing the academic ladder is the norm? what's the difference? how far apart are academia and the acquisition of money? education is big business, some say. teachers say, go to school to get a good job. what should i do with my life? god forbid i enjoy it. no one will ever just say, enjoy it. instead, they'll say, you could always go back to school. don't know what to do with your life, eh? just get a masters. a ph.d. if you're really uncertain.

this tall black man just walked in talking about how he's an alumni, and how he's got three investors waiting on him. he said that he works in the columbia tower with web developers and contractors. he didn't make a whole lot of sense. he was a lot like those old school writers, philosophers and thinkers who had to create a new language to convey complex and advanced ideas. the kind of people who have to talk over and above the common man's head so that they could impress those who need to be impressed, dine with others who have acquired advanced degrees and waterfront homes.

if i work hard enough, maybe one day i, too, can join them.


Meagan said...

ugh. not everyone who wants to talk about complex ideas is doing it to "to talk over and above the common man's head so that they could impress those who need to be impressed." stop it. seriously.

Anonymous said...

James, please sign on to IM so I can explain impossible algorithms to you and ask "do you understand?", and when you don't, I'll give you a nice patronizing laugh. I spit on you.--Jacob