you are a real self-starter.

it's gotten to the point in the gig again when people ask me if i'm busy and i say "yes" even though the real answer is "no." this seems to happen at every non-retail job i've ever worked. it'd be perfectly fine if it wasn't for the catholic guilt, as i'd sit at my desk and stream tv shows all day. but at some point, i have to admit to myself, "this is going nowhere. my life is going nowhere." i suppose that a person has to find things to busy himself with, or else be a real self-starter and get new projects launched off the ground. i'm not that kind of person.

if it wasn't for blogging, i'd really have nothing to do. at all. i would probably end up staring at outlook, the way i sometimes catch my coworker staring at hers. i wonder sometimes what goes through her head. she hasn't made any mention of going back to school or finding a new job or anything. from what i can tell, she just wants to go home and do nothing. i spent a whole year at home doing nothing, and i thought it was awful. but now that i spend eight hours in an office doing nothing, i actually kind of look forward to going home and doing nothing.

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