the bit saloon.

he got off work and thought about what he should do. he was older now, so he didn't have many friends. who needed friends anyway? he would get laid tonight. yes, that sounded like a good plan. sure, it was his plan just about every friday, but tonight would be different. this time, he would "seal the deal," as they say. he had just gotten his hair cut, and he had his black leather jacket drycleaned recently. he purchased a blue lilac shirt from the nordstrom rack, and he was feeling confident. on top of his game. he showered, put on cologne. who could resist him? he was a winner. and do you know what winners do? they seal the deal on friday nights.

he would have to take a cab because he planned on getting pretty sloshed. he didn't want to go too far, though, because long cab rides are expensive. he googled nearby bars. the bit saloon was the first hit. it would be nice to meet a girl nearby, anyway. that way, they could seal the deal more often than not. he thanked the cab driver, and he walked into the bar. it was early, and no one was around yet. slowly, people started coming. a heavy-set girl with black hair and bangs checked identification at the door. she was goth or punk, she couldn't decide.

he had a few beers, and he was feeling good, looking around, scoping out the talent. there weren't any hotties in particular, but he decided that if he kept drinking, he could convince himself otherwise. the bands played. they were big band or punk/ska, they couldn't decide. he greeted a girl at the bar, even though she was with a guy. she said, "hey" back, but refused to look at him. he had a few more beers, and he was starting to feel invincible. he had reached that point where he could just open his mouth, say anything, and it would be brilliant.

he went up the group of girls sitting at a booth. "i really love pussy," he said. the girls said nothing back. one rolled her eyes. another glared at him. one of them encouraged him. she danced with him a bit, until he started getting too grabby. then, it was over. an asian kid in the corner took his picture with a digital camera. he thought he was a star. he was on fire. he was the life of the party. "can i tongue one of you?" he asked. the girls didn't say anything.

finally, one of the women got up and got in his face. "get the fuck out of here," she said. she said it calmly, so he didn't think she was serious. he didn't budge. "are you deaf? i just asked you to leave us alone," she said. "i'm not doing anything," he said. "yes, you are! you're bothering me and my friends, and i want you to leave!" "are you serious?" "do i sound like i am fucking kidding?" "alright, alright," he said, "i'll leave." he thought that he was having a good time, that they were having a good time. he thought that he was lucky, a winner.

the night was over. there's always tomorrow, he thought to himself. saturdays are better than fridays, anyhow.

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