today is the first day of spring break for the law students. that doesn't mean anything to me, since i still have to be at work. there is no actual work to do, though. shawn started an office pool, and he requested that everyone fill out brackets for march madness. i haven't been following college basketball, but i filled one out anyway. it gave me something to do. i spent the whole morning filling out the brackets, writing in teams i had never even seen play.

there is an online survey i have been trying to fill out. my boss asked me to do it, and she has even said that her job could depend on it. it is an annoying survey, and any time someone makes the slightest mistake, the whole survey turns grey and becomes inaccessible. today, i tried to fill out the survey for the third time. surprise, surprise, it turned grey again. other times, it will just become totally inaccessible with an error message that reads: please try again in 60 minutes. it is the worst survey in the whole entire world.

i really want to go somewhere this summer. my friends are talking about going to chile, sweden, or india. i think that i could go somewhere, since i now have a job and i've heard that summer is a pretty slow time for the school. maybe i will go somewhere and have an adventure. i always hear about people taking trips to places and i always end up wondering why i didn't go with them. i should have been to a lot more places by now.

shawn stopped by to check out my brackets. "you have no upsets," he told me. i tried to act like i knew what i was doing, since i am the only other male in the office. i didn't want to let him down. "yeah," i said, "north carolina is gonna win it all." he told me that my wake forest pick was a good one. "they're a good team," he said. he said that syracuse "doesn't have the legs." i didn't know what that meant.

it is fun, though, to have something to talk about with other people. i am tired of being judgmental and isolated. let's talk about something. even if it is just meaningless brackets.

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