the career woman.

"you are almost thirty now. you ought to start thinking about marriage."
"marriage? yeah right."
"what? now you have something against marriage?"
"no, i have nothing against marriage. it obviously worked out very well for you. should it work as well for me, too?"
"i'm trying to be serious here. you are an adult now, you should act like one."
"i am serious. i just don't see why you're trying to push something on me that i have absolutely no control over."
"you have control. you have some control. anyway, what happened with ... ?"
"i already told you. it didn't work."
"why not? you smothered him. that's it, isn't it? always with the smothering."
"no. i did not smother him. it just didn't work, and that's all there is to it."
"he is, what? the fifth? sixth? how many do you need before you find one that works?"
"i don't know. eighty-seven probably."
"go ahead. continue making your jokes. see where that will lead you. you want to be a spinster. be a spinster."
"christ. nobody uses the word 'spinster' anymore."
"then you must prefer 'old maid?' or how about career woman."
"what? i can't have a career now?"
"you can have a career. choose any career you want. all i am saying is that time does not last forever. show me a career. show me marriage. how long will you be a single assistant? how long will you spend thinking about what you should do instead of doing them?"
"don't rush me. please."
"i am not rushing you. i only ask you to think about them."
"how can i think when you are telling me what to do?"
"there you go again. always changing things so that i am to blame."
"i'm not blaming you for anything!"
"then why are you so upset?"

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