free aids test.

"we cheated, so now our stocks are folding. i'm transferring accounts."
"that sucks. wait, where did the screen go?"
"it goes blank. it will come back after a while."
"i gotta go. i'm gonna be late for work."
"yeah, see ya."
"i'm back."
"you're wearing slippers!"

"does her boyfriend sometimes sleep underneath her bed?"
"that's what she told me."
"i have no idea."

"you look like a flower."
"i do?"
"yes, we should plant some seeds."

"are you at home?"
"haha. he's just saying words."
"want to get lunch? i could use some help brainstorming."
"we can brainstorm tomorrow."

"i like your glasses."
"i like the size."
"thank you."

"her form totally goes against everything we talked about."
"it's bullshit. it's totally fucked up! i mean, what do you think?"
"i don't know. there were definitely some valid points raised at the meeting."

"you know, if you wore that yesterday, we could've been twins."
"i know. why do we have the same fashion?"
"it's because we're genius."

"do you give blood?"
"no. i don't really like needles."
"well, i don't like them, either. i mean, they're not, like, my favorite thing in the world, but i still do it."
"and if you get all woozy, you get free orange juice and cookies!"
"so, you do it for the free food?"
"you also can find out if you have aids or not. so, it's like a free aids test!"
"another benefit, huh?"

"and she said, 'you don't just cancel christmas because it's stressful.' this isn't about cancelling christmas! this has nothing to do with it being 'too stressful!'"

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